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Frontier Fiber Internet is coming to your neighborhood!


The wait is over, Union. Frontier® Fiber Internet is coming to your neighborhood! Access to high-speed internet is critical to everyone. Frontier is expanding the reach of its fiber network so homes and businesses can benefit from their mission to build Gibabit AmericaTM. Frontier now offers internet service as fast as 2 gigabit per second, allowing consumers to upload videos and files up to 50 times faster than the broadband service offered by cable companies in Connecticut. That means more people in the same household can enjoy great speeds at the same time, while working from home, home schooling, streaming, [...]

Frontier Fiber Internet is coming to your neighborhood!2023-03-30T05:09:58-04:00

The Things Small Towns Do to Succeed


Did you know that each and every successful small town has their own strengths and weaknesses? In addition, they all share a few common traits. For example, all thriving communities involve a wide range of residents when planning for the future. They’re also good at capitalizing on their distinctive assets such as town history, architecture, nature and the area’s surroundings. The vast majority of successful small towns also take part in both market incentives and the private sector in order to stem the flow of new development, in addition to relying on government funding and regulations. Here is a breakdown [...]

The Things Small Towns Do to Succeed2023-03-30T05:09:58-04:00

Where Does Old Home Day Come From?


Old Home Day in Union, CT has certainly become a much loved and appreciated tradition that celebrates our local roots. But, have you ever wondered where it came from, how it derived and why we celebrate it? The birth of the original Old Home Day celebration can be traced to one man. His name was Frank Rollins. Mr. Rollins set the concept in motion in New Hampshire back in 1899 because he worried about the decline of the state’s rural communities. In essence, people began moving away. In fact, a lot of people started to move from New England in [...]

Where Does Old Home Day Come From?2023-03-30T05:09:58-04:00

All About Bigelow Hollow State Park


Did you know that according to the 2020 census, Union is the least populated town and municipality in the entire state of Connecticut with a population of only 785 people? However there is still plenty to see and do in the area, especially if you enjoy nature. Union is also conveniently located within 33 miles of the state capital of Hartford, CT, 67 miles of Boston, MA and 153 miles of New York City. If you enjoy nature, then you need to see Union, Connecticut. It’s famous for the active wildlife that surrounds the area. You may very well see [...]

All About Bigelow Hollow State Park2023-03-30T05:09:58-04:00

Safe Boating Certification in Union Connecticut is So Important


Did you know that safe boating certification is available for our constituents? Many people take part in recreational boating in Union, Connecticut during the summer months. In fact, boating happens to be one of the favorite pastimes for east coast residents because it’s an exciting way to spend time with family and friends. Nothing quite compares to a day out on the water whether you enjoy fishing, sailing, water skiing, or simply cruising around. However, the excitement that boating has to offer also comes with some inherent risks.  For example,  boating is not a completely safe endeavor and should be [...]

Safe Boating Certification in Union Connecticut is So Important2023-03-30T05:09:58-04:00

Eversource Information


CLICK HERE FOR OUTAGE INFORMATION NOVEMBER 2023 EVERSOURCE BILL RE-DESIGN INFORMATION CLICK BELOW Eversource Bill Redesign Info Click below for information on electric bill discounts: English_Fact Sheet Electric Bill Discount March 2024

Eversource Information2024-05-15T13:24:52-04:00

2024 Transfer Station Permits now available


2024 Transfer Station Permits Available in Selectman's Office TOWN OF UNION 2024 TRANSFER STATION PERMITS AVAILABLE IN THE SELECTMAN’S OFFICE ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A VALID VEHICLE REGISTRATION INDICATING A UNION ADDRESS, OR OWN REAL ESTATE IN THE TOWN OF UNION. -PER TOWN OF UNION TRANSFER STATION RULES AND REGULATIONS SECTION 1B. Contact Karen at (860)684-3812 or unionadmin@unionconnecticut.org for more information or to have the permits mailed to you if you are not available during business hours. Click Here to Visit Our Transfer Station Department Page

2024 Transfer Station Permits now available2024-02-20T11:36:11-05:00

Rabies Awareness a Priority for Protecting Public Health


PRESS RELEASE Dated: June 1, 2018 Release Date: For Immediate Release Contact: Linda J. Colangelo Education and Communications Coordinator 860-774-7350 x. 14 / lcolangelo@nddh.org Rabies Awareness a Priority for Protecting Public Health Health Department Issues Reminder to Stay Away from Stray Animals BROOKLYN – Warmer weather and longer days mean more time spent outdoors, which increases the risk of coming in contact with unfamiliar domestic and wild animals. “’If it’s a stray, stay away,’ is the primary message of rabies prevention,” said Susan Starkey, Director of Health for the Northeast District Department of Health (NDDH). “Traditionally, reports of rabies exposures [...]

Rabies Awareness a Priority for Protecting Public Health2023-03-30T05:09:58-04:00

Avoiding Tick-borne diseases


Last year over 20,000 people in Connecticut were infected with Lyme disease from tick bites according to State and Federal Public Health officials. Other tick-borne diseases, such as Babesiosis and Powassan encephalitis, are also on the rise in the Northeast. Public Works, Park & Recreation, summer camp counselors and campers, athletic coaches and athletes, and other public school employees who work out-of-doors may be exposed to tick bites and the diseases they carry this summer. Ways of avoiding tick bites include -- Stay on trails and paths, and avoid areas with high grasses and weedy underbrush. Wear a hat and light-colored clothing (so ticks can be easily [...]

Avoiding Tick-borne diseases2023-03-30T05:09:59-04:00
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