The wait is over, Union. Frontier® Fiber Internet is coming to your neighborhood!

Access to high-speed internet is critical to everyone. Frontier is expanding the reach of its fiber network so homes and businesses can benefit from their mission to build Gibabit AmericaTM.

Frontier now offers internet service as fast as 2 gigabit per second, allowing consumers to upload videos and files up to 50 times faster than the broadband service offered by cable companies in Connecticut. That means more people in the same household can enjoy great speeds at the same time, while working from home, home schooling, streaming, or just surfing the web.

Please note, this is a wired fiber-optic infrastructure project; it is not a 5G wireless project.
You’ll notice a lot of activity in your surrounding areas, including increased truck traffic during the construction process. Before they bring fiber to your neighborhoods, they will:

  • Secure local permits;
  • Locate other utilities to avoid impacting their facilities;
  • Create a path for the network and set up connection points to bring fiber to customers; and
  • Conduct technical and engineering work in their central office facilities and on the network itself.

If you are interested in knowing if your address qualifies for Frontier® Fiber service, contact 1-855-887-0992 (residential), 1-888-534-1751 (business), or visit for more information. If you have any questions, contact Frontier’s Senior Construction Manager Keith Casey at 203.694.4065.