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Rabies Awareness a Priority for Protecting Public Health


PRESS RELEASE Dated: June 1, 2018 Release Date: For Immediate Release Contact: Linda J. Colangelo Education and Communications Coordinator 860-774-7350 x. 14 / Rabies Awareness a Priority for Protecting Public Health Health Department Issues Reminder to Stay Away from Stray Animals BROOKLYN – Warmer weather and longer days mean more time spent outdoors, which increases the risk of coming in contact with unfamiliar domestic and wild animals. “’If it’s a stray, stay away,’ is the primary message of rabies prevention,” said Susan Starkey, Director of Health for the Northeast District Department of Health (NDDH). “Traditionally, reports of rabies exposures [...]

Rabies Awareness a Priority for Protecting Public Health2023-03-30T05:09:58-04:00

Avoiding Tick-borne diseases


Last year over 20,000 people in Connecticut were infected with Lyme disease from tick bites according to State and Federal Public Health officials. Other tick-borne diseases, such as Babesiosis and Powassan encephalitis, are also on the rise in the Northeast. Public Works, Park & Recreation, summer camp counselors and campers, athletic coaches and athletes, and other public school employees who work out-of-doors may be exposed to tick bites and the diseases they carry this summer. Ways of avoiding tick bites include -- Stay on trails and paths, and avoid areas with high grasses and weedy underbrush. Wear a hat and light-colored clothing (so ticks can be easily [...]

Avoiding Tick-borne diseases2023-03-30T05:09:59-04:00
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