Frontier Fiber Internet is coming to your neighborhood!


The wait is over, Union. Frontier® Fiber Internet is coming to your neighborhood! Access to high-speed internet is critical to everyone. Frontier is expanding the reach of its fiber network so homes and businesses can benefit from their mission to build Gibabit AmericaTM. Frontier now offers internet service as fast as 2 gigabit per second, allowing consumers to upload videos and files up to 50 times faster than the broadband service offered by cable companies in Connecticut. That means more people in the same household can enjoy great speeds at the same time, while working from home, home schooling, streaming, [...]

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2023 Permits and Household Hazardous Waste Schedule now available


2023 Transfer Station Permits Available in Selectman's Office 2023 Household Hazardous Waste Schedule Attached TOWN OF UNION 2023 TRANSFER STATION PERMITS AVAILABLE IN THE SELECTMAN’S OFFICE ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A VALID VEHICLE REGISTRATION INDICATING A UNION ADDRESS, OR OWN REAL ESTATE IN THE TOWN OF UNION. -PER TOWN OF UNION TRANSFER STATION RULES AND REGULATIONS SECTION 1B. Contact Karen at (860)684-3812 or Click Here to Visit Our Transfer Station Department Page 2023 Household Hazardous Waste Acceptable Materials and Schedule

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Crumbling Foundations Replacement Assistance Program


Crumbling Foundations Replacement Assistance Program Capitol Region Council of Governments Update: Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. (“CFSIC”) December 14, 2018 CFSIC has been formed to provide claim assistance to affected homeowners with crumbling foundations. CFSIC has applied to become a tax-exempt, non-profit company. CFSIC is not a branch of Connecticut state government. It is an independent insurance company licensed and regulated by the Connecticut Insurance Department. It will launch officially on January 10, 2019. Here’s an update: Website: The website address is Application process: There are two applications now up on the website, but they are non-functional and are for information purposes [...]

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Crumbling Foundation Information


Crumbling Foundation Information Concrete testing to improve; UConn develops new method to test foundations, assess risk of failure By Eric Bedner A quest to determine how vulnerable crumbling foundations are to deterioration is a step closer to being reached as the University of Connecticut has quickly developed a less expensive and less invasive testing program supported by federal dollars. In August, the university was awarded $768,000 out of $1.5 million in federal funding for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, to research how pyrrhotite deteriorates foundations and to establish a risk assessment to determine potential [...]

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Captive Insurance Foundation Replacement Assistance


Captive Insurance Foundation Replacement Assistance The state’s captive insurance company, created to help homeowners affected by a crumbling foundation, will begin accepting applications for assistance on Thursday, January 10th. All potentially affected homeowners and prospective home buyers are highly encouraged to review the guidelines and frequently asked questions on the captive insurance company’s website: Though paper and in-person applications will be accepted, the Capitol Region Council of Governments is urging homeowners to file online so that applications can be electronically time-stamped to assign homeowners a place in line. For more information on how to apply,  click here. If you have any questions, it is best [...]

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American Rescue Plan Act


American Rescue Plan Act As you may be aware every Town in the country was awarded American Recovery Act money from the Federal Government. Union was allocated around $250,000.00 that we are allowed to spend by January 2024. This money comes with stringent guidelines: B. Statutory Eligible Uses As a recipient of an SLFRF award, your organization has substantial discretion to use the award funds in the ways that best suit the needs of your constituents – as long as such use fits into one of the following four statutory categories: 1. To respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency [...]

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Septic Pumping Rebate


Septic Pumping Rebate SEPTIC PUMPING REIMBURSEMENT: Town residents are offered a reimbursement on septic tank pumping, limited to one a year, per tank. Please mail or leave off a copy of your septic pumping invoice at the Selectman's Office. Invoices must be dated within one year of the date of submission. The rate is .065 per gallon.  1250 gal = $81.25  1000 gal = $65 760 gal = $48.75  500 gal = $32.50

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Senior Resources


Senior Resources There is an elderly/disabled Town bus available for any qualifying resident for transportation to doctor’s appointments or shopping needs. There are walkers, wheel chairs, canes, as well as a bed assist rail available. Meals on Wheels are delivered to Union residents. Contact Karen Johnson at (860)684-3812 to inquire about these resources. The CDC's website has helpful information on STEADI or Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, & Injuries. Visit: Look under the Materials for Your Older Patient tab on the left hand side of the screen to read educational brochures for family members. See the links below that contain detailed information for families and [...]

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