Town Clean Up Save the Date! April 20, 2024 Bag/glove pick up April 17 at the Transfer Station and available at the Library and Town Hall

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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Let’s Make Union Clean Again!

Volunteers are needed to help clean up Union’s roadsides.

Union Cleanup Day!
April 20th 2024 (Saturday)

We live in a beautiful town that offers rivers, streams, ponds, forests, fields and all types of
wildlife. Sadly, the roadsides are choked with trash from unscrupulous people who throw litter from
their vehicles. Here is your chance to help us do something about it. Our goal is to have as many
town citizens as possible to help us clean up a section of road. We hope that you will participate
and encourage your friends and neighbors to join in. Hopefully together we can help make Union
beautiful again and make this an annual event for our town.

How to Participate:
1). Choose an area that you are willing to take responsibility for cleaning.

2). Email a note to with the following information: Your Name
The area you are cleaning up (name of the road, give intersections or house numbers of ends)

3). On April 13th and April 17th there will be a booth at the transfer station between 8-2 to pick up bags,
gloves, and if warranted, a reflective vest. You can sign up there as well and choose your area to
be cleaned.
If you cannot get to the transfer station, you can also pick up Bags and Gloves at the Library or
Town Hall during normal business hours a week before the cleanup day.

4). On April 20th perform the cleanup. If you come across anything on the road or public land
that is too large for you to manage, please let us know and we will ask the town to deal with it.
Once your garbage bag is filled, please tie it and leave it on the side of the road. Town employees
will be picking up the bags on Monday. (Please don’t leave your personal trash! And NO BULKY items)

4). After the cleanup, please send any comments, reports or photos that you want to share to . These photos will be published on the town website.

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