Forest Action Plan Public Input Roundtable


Every 5-10 years, Connecticut residents have the opportunity to help shape the future of our state's woodlands through participating in the Forest Action Plan public input roundtables. The current CT Forest Action Plan, written in 2010 and updated in 2015, acts as a guide for the Division of Forestry and hopefully inspires others to improve and protect Connecticut's forest resources for future generations.  Created in collaboration with many partners and stakeholders, the Forest Action Plan includes an analysis of current forest conditions, identifies threats and concerns, establishes priorities, and lays out strategies and action steps to best plan for the future of your forested landscape.


This is a perfect opportunity to add your voice to the CT Forest Action Plan!

PLEASE sign up to attend a roundtable discussion. We have roundtables focused on practitioners as well as roundtables for the general public.

Refreshments will be provided!


Information on signing up for the roundtables (dates and locations) can be found here: 




Jess Wikle

Forest Management Fellow

Quiet Corner Initiative Manager

Yale School Forests | 413 329 3234