Tax Assessor's Office


   Town Hall
   1043 Buckley Hwy
   Union, CT 06076


   Wed: 9am to 12noon and 1pm-3pm and by Appt.

The Assistant Assessor is in the office Wednesdays, 9am-12noon and 1-3pm. 

The Assessor will be in the office on Wednesday evenings. Leave a phone message or email the Assessor.


   (860) 684-5705


Tax Assessor:

   Mary E. Huda

Assistant Tax Assessor:

  Leanne Lake at

Tax Assessor's Office Information:

The Tax Assessor's Office is open to the public on Wednesdays from 9-3 or by calling 684-5705 during those hours to make an appointment.

Property cards and assessment information is available in person at the Assessor's Office or Online through Vision Appraisal.

Important Filing Dates
Homeowners Program for the Elderly: February 1 thru
May 15
New Application for Farm, Forest & Open Space: September 1 thru
October 31
Veterans Disability filed prior to: October 1
Social Security Disability filed prior to: December 31
Letters from Servicemen filed prior to: October 1
Veteran's Discharge (filed w/Town Clerk) by: September 30
Personal Property owned Oct. 1 declared annually: October 1 thru
November 1

In an on-going effort to get your motor vehicles tax bills out in a timely manner please check you vehicles registrations, whether new or renewals, to be sure that the tax town code of "145" for Union (not Stafford or Eastford) appears in the upper right hand corner of this form. If you need to change your tax town code please download and complete the Tax Town Correction Form.

Removing Motor Vehicles from the Grand List

In order for the Assessor to remove any motor vehicle from the Grand List or to provide a prorated bill, proof must be supplied to the Assessor's Office that you were not the owner, in UNION, as of October 1st, or that the vehicle was sold, stolen, destroyed, or registered out of state and NOT replaced. Acceptable forms of proof are explained here.

Exemption for Members of the Armed Forces

Armed Forces members who are seeking a Motor Vehicle Property Tax Exemption must complete the Application for Motor Vehicle Property Tax Exemption or Exemption Benefit for Connecticut Residents Who Are Members of the Armed Forces CGS 12-81(53).