October 14, 2020

Union Board of Education

Date: October 14, 2020

6:30 P.M.

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:44 p.m. by A. Estell.


Attending: A. Estell, J. Garden, A. Blank, L. Roberts, H. Bradway, Sup./Prin., S. Jackopsic, M. Powers, Rec. Sec.

Others attending: L. Demurjian, R. Fischetti, A. Fischetti, Ed Fournier, M. Huda,

E. Forziati, K. Malinowski-Paine, P. Zulick-Bessette


Approval of Minutes

H. Bradway made a motion to approve the minutes from Sept. 23, 2020. Seconded by J. Garden. Unanimously approved.


Individuals to be heard




  • Sup./Prin. Jackopsic has been in touch with Woodstock Academy regarding the Nov. 9 target date for The Academy to reopen in person. Former Union School student Ciara MacKinnon received an achievement award recently from The Academy.
  • Auditors anticipate new guidelines to come from the state, and will keep us updated.
  • Welcome Back letter from The Academy



Administrative Reports

Sup./Prin. Jackopsic reported that he continues to be pleased with the continued effort from staff, students and parents during our transition back to school. Our staff has been planning for our Virtual Curriculum Night, which is scheduled for October 22.

We continue to emphasize the social/emotional component into our daily sessions. Sup./Prin. Jackopsic and Nurse Lois attend weekly meeting with the Department of Public Health for updates. The school day schedule has been tweaked to introduce more academic time with the hope that we can continue to gradually increase. The school had a reverse Fire Parade to say thank you to the Union Fire Department. The SEL Yale course is currently available for staff.


Committee Report

  1. Curriculum-Sup./Prin. Jackopsic reviewed minutes from the last Curriculum meeting. The current focus is ELA and Math. As we move forward, other content areas will be added.
  2. Communication-none.
  3. Transportation-A survey for high school parents will be sent out as The Academy reopens.
  4. Personnel-none.
  5. Building- PAC Services continues to clean high contact areas mid-day as well as a thorough cleaning after school.


    Financial Report

  1. Review of bills. The bills were reviewed and in order.
  2. 2019-2020 Board of Ed Budget is closed with a surplus of ~$14,000.00.
  3. 2020-21 Board of Ed Budget- Reviewed anticipated additional and projected and cost saving measures. Will continue to update.


Old Business

  1. Personnel update: We continue to have a long-term substitute for Music and PE. The school nurses will cover health, another staff member is slated to cover PE and Sup./Prin. Jackopsic will also cover some instruction to students as needed.
  2. Operations of schools during Coronavirus Policy update-minor changes have been made, PPE for nurses is provided if needed. We continue to allow a transition period for the youngest students for mask wearing.

New Business

  1. J. Garden made a motion to adopt the Union School Distance Learning Model. L. Roberts seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.
  2. ~$72,000 in Coronavirus Relief Funds are available. We are waiting for further clarification from the state to see which expenses are eligible/ineligible.
  3. Subcommittee goals will be discussed at upcoming meetings.
  4. Superintendent Evaluation-A. Estell expressed the need to update the CABE model for evaluation. Suggested the Personnel Committee look for more specific goals to measure performance. She and A. Blank will collaborate to present at the next meeting. J. Garden asked if the evaluation be formatted for the combined position and be evidence-based.
  5. BOE member replacement for opening and vote. Robert Fischetti and Ed Fournier expressed interest in the vacancy. Both individuals were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and speak about their credentials and experience. Board members were then given the opportunity to ask them questions. Board members voted by paper ballots which were tabulated by A. Estell. L. Roberts motioned to appoint E. Fournier to fill J. Petersen’s vacancy, A. Blank seconded the motion. Four yes notes. H. Bradway voted nay.  E. Fournier will fill the position until June. 

Individuals to be Heard

J. Garden-Explained and clarified the distinction between Remote Learning and Distance Learning to those in attendance. She noted that the Union School plan is very comprehensive.

Sup./Prin. Jackopsic briefed the Board what is in the document.

H. Bradway inquired about how time is allocated for age specific groups.



Motion by L. Roberts to adjourn at 8:17 p.m. J. Garden seconded the motion. The motion unanimously carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Michele Powers, Recording Secretary.