July 20, 2020

Selectmen’s Meeting                                July 20, 2020                      Union, Connecticut


 First Selectman Eaton called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.


Attending:  Selectmen – David D. Eaton, David Heck, Mary Huda


Minutes from the July 6, 2020 meeting were read. Selectman Huda made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Selectman Heck. Vote was unanimous.


Bills were presented for review.  Selectman Heck made the motion to pay the bills as presented, less the $5.40 sales tax on CT Valley Printers invoice. Motion seconded by Selectman Huda.  Vote was unanimous.




Letter from CIRMA with the Members Equity Distribution program check in the amount of $1,460.00 return to the Town for the Members Equity Distribution program.


Thank you card from Jeanine Upson and Historical Society for the new windows installed through the LoCIP Grant.


New Business:


The Willimantic Waste agreement was reviewed. There was a reduction in trucking fees in the amount of $15.00 per trip. There was an increase in tipping fees. The agreement will be held at this time until increases are resolved.


Discussion of the application for the STEAP Grant.  Following discussion, it was agreed that First Selectman Eaton will prepare a project proposal for the August 3 meeting and Resolution will be adopted then.


Selectman Huda made a motion to enact the following blanket resolution for the DESPP Grant program:


RESOLVED, that the Town of Union may enter into with and deliver to the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security any and all documents which it deems to be necessary or appropriate; and


FURTHER RESOLVED, that David D. Eaton, as First Selectman of the Town of Union, is authorized and directed to execute and deliver any and all documents on behalf of the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Union, and to do and perform all acts and things which he deems to be necessary or appropriate to carry out the terms of such documents, including, but not limited to, executing and delivering all agreements and documents contemplated by such documents.


Motion seconded by Selectman Heck. Vote was unanimous.

Regional ReVal was discussed. First Selectman Eaton will attend a meeting this week to discuss the ReVal bid with NECCOG.


Transfer Station vacancy: There were two applicants. Public Works Director Eaton met with each of them. He will be hiring both applicants to rotate Saturday hours. First Selectman Eaton made motion to hire Neil Russ and Donald Sienna to work as Transfer Station operators. Motion seconded by Selectman Heck. Vote was unanimous.


Public Works has hired a high school student to mow and trim for the summer.


There was brief discussion of conservation plan for the Town by the Planning and Zoning Commission. NECCOG can draft the plan again.


The 2019/2020 expense report was reviewed.


First Selectman Eaton is waiting to hear about a meeting scheduled with DEEP, Troop C, and the Department of Transportation to work on the issue of Bigelow Hollow State Park visitors parking on Route 171.


Old Business:


Annual Town Meeting may be postponed


Motion to adjourn at 8:50 p.m. by Selectman Heck; seconded by Selectman Huda. Vote was unanimous.


Respectfully Submitted,



Karen Johnson

Recording Secretary