August 7, 2019





Members Present:

Mat Silbermann

Lee Fitzgerald

Barry Kapplan

Joe Popovitch

Carol Berner – alternate seated

Mike Kneeland – alternate seated


The meeting of August 7, 2019 was called to order at 7:30 PM by M. Silbermann


The Minutes of the July 17th meeting were reviewed.   B. Kapplan made a motion to approve as read seconded by M. Kneeland.  All were in favor, minutes approved.


Mr. Donald Young is 44-18 Crawford Dr. West from our last meeting.  He wants to be 44-22.  After investigation, Mr. Williams is 44-28, so Mr. Young was changed to 44-22.  Both being Crawford Dr. West.


Mr. Kubricki attended the meeting to discuss the project on Holland Rd.  He is concerned that Windham Material is using the Union Property to remove material from Holland.  D. Eaton will contact Towne Engineering to inquire what else needs to be done to complete project/reclamation in Union.  The Special Permit has expired.  The Commission members reviewed the Phase II maps that had been submitted. 


J. Lambert attended the meeting requesting a check for Zoning Enforcement Officer.  The information will be submitted for payment to the Selectman from the Zoning Board account. 


D. Eaton needed to be appointed as ZEO by the Commission.  L. Fitzgerald made a motion to appoint D. Eaton, seconded by B. Kapplan.  All in favor, motion carried.


B. Kapplan moved to adjourn, seconded by C. Berner.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.


Mat. Silbermann, chair                               Heidi Bradrick, recording secretary