June 7, 2017

Members present:       

Matt Silbermann

Lee Fitzgerald

Joe Popovitch

Brian Lambert

Ken Braithwaite – alternate seated

Carol Berner – alternate seated

Michael Kneeland – alternate seated




The June 7, 2017 meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by M. Silbermann.


 L. Fitzgerald moved to approve minutes, seconded by J. Popovitch.  Minutes of 5/17/2017 approved.

Mr.  Chris Ruskin did not attend the meeting.

Mr. Jim Trinque’s application for 1000 gal propane tank was approve.  J. Popovitch made a motion to approve, seconded by B. Lambert.  $85.00 application fee paid.  Permit #17010 issued.

Mr. James Longley submitted a plot plan showing the location of a proposed well on property owned by him on Howard Rd.  The Commission voted to approve well location as show on map.  Department of Health will be notified of this approval.

Mr. Harold Hopkins from Windham Material attended the meeting to address the concerns that were submitted due to the blasting on Holland Rd.  P&Z will obtain a call list from Windham Material for cross references.  Once phase two is done from street level it will appear to be done.  Mr. Hopkins feels that phase 2 could be complete by December.  3 sensor reports were brought in for review.  No one how had sent letters of complaint were in attendance.

A motion was made to add Sally Anderson and Dennis & Maureen Lowry to the agenda. 

Ms. Anderson wants to have a shed on her property changed from commercial to residential.   Will submit an application for change of use of so she can get the electrical meter changed to residential.  L. Fitzgerald moved to waive fee, seconded by B. Lambert.  Application submitted and accepted, will be voted on at next meeting.

Dennis & Maureen Lowry want to put up a prefab shed.  Current spot is too close to front yard line in front of house.  They say further back the property starts to drop off.  They were advised that they can go to zoning board of appeals.

K. Braithwaite made a motion to adjourn seconded by J. Popovitch, the motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


Heidi Bradrick, recording secretary                Matt Silbermann, chairman



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Recording Secretary                                                               Chairperson