Selectmen's Office


   Town Hall
   1043 Buckley Hwy
   Union, CT 06076


   Tue: 9-12
   Wed: 9-12 & 1-3
   Thur: 9-12 


   (860) 684-3812


   (860) 684-8830


First Selectman:

 David D. Eaton
  Cell: 860-209-6795


   David M. Heck


   Mary E. Huda

Office Administration:

   Karen Johnson

Selectmen's Office Information:

The Board of Selectmen serves as both the administrative and executive branch of the town government The Board of Selectmen's responsibilities include formulation, evaluation and guidance of policy with regard to public service, as well as the administration of town offices, town highway maintenance, keeping of financial accounts and the appointment of administrative officers, boards and commissions.

The First Selectman, the chief administrative and executive officer of the town, is directly responsible to the Board of Selectmen, for administration and supervision of all departments, agencies and officers appointed by the Board and is responsible for the enforcement of all laws and ordinances governing the Town of Union.

The Board of Selectmen regularly meets the first and third Mondays of each month excepting legal holidays.

Board Members:

 First Selectman - David D. Eaton
 Selectman - David M. Heck
 Selectman - Mary E. Huda