August 16, 2016 Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Board of Finance Chair Christopher Santucci at 7:04 pm. Members present: Dennis Sienna, Christopher Santucci, Rebecca Cunningham and Tim Vennart.

The minutes from the July 26, 2016 meeting were reviewed. A motion was made by Rebecca Cunningham to approve the minutes as read. Dennis Sienna seconded the motion. The motion was carried with Tim Vennart abstaining.

Tom and Joan Eames attended and asked questions about the procedures involved in the contract negotiations for the school teachers, the teachers union and the Board of Education; and how the town can approve or reject the contract.

The members discussed the Revenue, Expenditure and Vendor History report; fraud risk management and internal controls; town policies; 5 year planning; Board of Finance calendar of events, and the tax collector's current report. The request for submissions for the annual town report for fiscal year 2015-16 from the various town officials, boards, and committees will be sent out next month. The submissions will be due December 1, 2016. The members also discussed impact of the expenditure cap the state is expected to enforce beginning fiscal year 2017-18.

Christopher Santucci made a motion to adjourn at 7:50 pm. Rebecca Cunningham seconded the motion. The motion was carried.


Bonnie Dabrowski, Recording Secretary