Building Office




   Town Hall
   1043 Buckley Hwy
   Union, CT 06076


   (860) 234-1053


Building Officer:

   Joe Pajak

Building Office Information:


Moving forward on how to operate in the social distant environment the following protocol will be utilized.


  1. New Construction will continue to be inspected with the awareness of distancing ourselves to other people, etc.  while we do our inspections.

  2. Residential remodels are a little more difficult.  I recommend trying to put off inspections until they are absolutely necessary. 

  3. No inspections will be performed if anyone present is coughing, sneezing, or feeling ill.

  4. I will accept pictures that are stamped with a time and location, videos will also be accepted pending they give the information we need for approval.

  5. All inspections requested that involve anyone over the age of 60 in their  dwellings will be strongly encouraged to reschedule and will have to be approved by the Manager of Inspection Services before commencing.  This is for their protection as well as ours.

  6. All applications will be placed in a drop box outside of the building.  Faxes and Emails will be encouraged for submitting permits with checks being mailed in.   Please utilize emails or phone calls for contacting our staff.   

All questions, please contact Joseph Pajak

Main Office




The Union Building Office reviews the construction of all structures that are regulated by the building code in town to ensure compliance with state related building codes. For all construction, an approved building permit must be obtained

For substantial improvements (This includes sheds, additions, swimming pools, garages, etc.) an approved Zoning Compliance Certificate must be obtained before construction is started. Please contact the building official if in doubt.

Zoning Compliance Certificates are obtained by attending a Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting, held the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Town Hall. Applicants will be required to complete a "Zoning Permit Application", available below.