September 15, 2015 Minutes



The meeting was called to order by Chair Eric Boucher at 7:02 pm. Members present: Eric Boucher, Sterling MacPherson, Dennis Sienna, Christopher Santucci and Giovanni D'Alessandro.


A motion was made by Giovanni D'Alessandro to approve the August 17, 2015 meeting minutes. Eric Boucher seconded the motion. The motion was carried with Christopher Santucci abstaining. 


The members reviewed the final revenue and expenditure report for fiscal year 2014-15 and discussed how to control over funding accounts. 


A motion was made by Eric Boucher to adjust the following line items for fiscal year 2014-15


Decrease 7110-200 Operating Contingency by         $12,481.30

Increase 1110-211 Printing and postage by              $122.50

Increase 1110-212 Telephone by                               $151.03

Increase 1110-670 Workmen's compensation by      $3,281.91

Increase 1110-680 Liability insurance by                  $1,401.00

Increase 1130-230 Data processing by                      $29.51

Increase 1140-130 Assistant town clerk's salary by  $210.00

Increase 2110-120 Building Inspector's salary by    $301.40

Increase 2110-200 Building inspector expense by    $135.35

Increase 3120-400 Transfer station maintenance by $3,283.88

Increase 3120-411 Waste removal by                        $7.53

Increase 3130-200 Fuel by                                        $3,296.52

Increase 3130-630 Medical insurance by                  $138.60

Increase 4110-200 Emergency medical by                $6.00

Increase 4151-200 Substance abuse by                     $71.00

Increase 6110-120 library salary by                           $26.36

Increase 6120-200 Memorial day by                         $18.71


Christopher Santucci seconded the  motion. The motion was carried.


The meeting ended with general discussion on fraud, risk management and internal financial controls


Christopher Santucci made a motion  to adjourn at 8:46 pm. Sterling MacPherson seconded the motion. The motion was carried.





Bonnie Dabrowski, Recording Secretary