September 8, 2021

Union Board of Education

Union, CT 06076

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 6:30 P.M.

Union School Library


Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by A. Estell.


Attending: A. Estell,  H. Bradway, R. Fischetti, E. Fournier, J. Garden,

Sup./Prin., S. Jackopsic, M. Powers, Rec. Sec.

Others attending: P. Rae


Approval of Minutes

J. Garden made a motion to approve the minutes from August 18, 2021. Seconded by E. Fournier.  Unanimously approved.


Individuals to be heard- P. Rae, middle school teacher reported that the middle school students are settling in nicely. Middle school teachers are conducting team meetings to plan activities. The goal is to build the middle school as a community.


Communications- Sup./Prin. Jackopsic asked the Board to add After School Program as item F in tonight’s agenda. A motion to add After School Program as item F in tonight’s agenda was made by E. Fournier.

H. Bradway seconded the motion. The motion unanimously carried.


Administrative Reports and Activities Summary

Superintendent and Principal’s Report-Sup./Prin. Jackopsic reported that the staff has done an awesome job of getting the school year off to a great start. He noted that the teachers spent a great deal of time preparing their classrooms over the summer. The Meet and Greet on Aug. 24 had an excellent turnout. SEL will be integrated with Music/P.E. Scheduling is allowing for collaborative time. COVID-19 measures are in place and we are utilizing the outdoors at different times for lunch, etc. Teachers continue to wear masks while teaching as this is the safest practice at this time. At the next staff meeting we will discuss ideas for the Open House on Sept. 30.


Committee Reports

1. Curriculum-Will meet after professional development has concluded for the fall.

2. Communication-Sup./Prin. Jackopsic gave a brief tour of what the new school website will look like and its features.

3. Transportation-Working with bus drivers to decrease the time to drop off students at The Academy so the elementary pickup is on time. Some students will need to ride on the elementary run in the afternoon only.

4. Personnel-none

5. Building-New locks/codes have been installed.

6. EASTCONN-none


Financial Report

  1. Review of bills. The bills were reviewed and in order.


 2.   2020-21 Board of Ed Budget-Sup./Prin. Jackopsic reported that we are currently seeing a surplus of ~$35,000.00.  Additional savings of ~$10,000.00 from Coronavirus Relief Funding were noted.


3. 2021-22 Board of Ed Budget- Although we are early in the current fiscal year, things are looking pretty good at this time.


Old Business

 1. 21-22 Theory of Action- Sup./Prin. Jackopsic shared the results for the draft for the Union School Theory of Action for Continuous Improvement in the Teaching and Learning Process. Using feedback, the next steps will be to fine-tune and continue our work around these areas.


2. 21-22 District Goals- The goal is to open the process to staff, students, parents and board members with the focus on main goals.


New Business

1. New school website- Sup./Prin. Jackopsic gave a brief tour of what the new school website will look like and its features.


2. Operations of Schools during COVID-19 updated policy- Has worked with the board attorney to update our policy which was distributed to those present.


3. Vaccine mandate and weekly screening testing for staff- Recommended that board members read the distributed documents for the next meeting.


4. Communication with BOE, Staff and Administration- Looking for staff to rotate a report on a monthly basis with the BOE.


5. Feasibility of streaming BOE meetings- There has been an interest in streaming/Zoom to complement the meetings. Will consult with IT to record via Zoom. The goal will be to implement for the November meeting.


6. After school program- Staff has shown an interest in supporting this program and are willing to create a rotating schedule. The next step is to reach out to parents and gauge areas of interest. Will report findings at upcoming meetings. Funding will be through the American Rescue Plan.


Individuals to be Heard- J. Garden inquired about follow up to Long Range Planning, which was discussed at last month’s meeting.



   Motion by E. Fournier to adjourn at 8:42 p.m. J. Garden seconded the motion. The motion unanimously   carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted by Michele Powers, Recording Secretary.