November 1, 2021

Selectmen’s Meeting             November 1, 2021                        Union, Connecticut


First Selectman Eaton called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m.


Attending:  Selectmen – David D. Eaton, David Heck, Mary Huda


Persons to be Heard:  None


Minutes from the October 18, 2021 meeting were read. Selectman Huda made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Selectman Heck.  Vote was unanimous.


Bills were presented for review.  Selectman Heck made the motion to pay the bills as presented. Motion seconded by Selectman Huda.  Vote was unanimous.




  • Email from Sturbridge Town Planner regarding the October 28 Town Meeting for the Equestrian Center proposal. It did not meet the two-thirds town vote requirement at this time.



 New Business:


  • Selectmen’s Annual 2020-2021 Report was approved by the Board.


  • The Transfer Station will be closed Saturday, December 25 and Saturday, January 1, 2022. There was discussion of possible opening for 4 hours on Sunday, January 2. First Selectman Eaton will follow up on that.


  • The Town employee gathering was scheduled for Thursday, December 16, in Community Room.


  • The 2022-2023 Town Budget will begin to be reviewed in December.


  • The Board discussed the Municipal Election dates in November or May. They will look at Town Ordinances for election currently in effect in Town.



Old Business:


  • American Rescue Plan Act Update: Nothing since October 18 meeting.



Motion to adjourn at 8:25 p.m. by Selectman Heck; seconded by Selectman Huda. Vote was unanimous.


Respectfully Submitted,



Karen Johnson, Recording Secretary