July 15, 2020

Members present:        Mat Silberman - Chair

Barry Kapplan

Carol Berner (alternate) seated

Ken Braithwaite (alternate) seated

Mike Kneeland (alternate) seated


The July 15, 2020 meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by M. Silbermann.

Minutes of July 1, 2020 were reviewed.  B. Kapplan made a motion to approve minutes, K. Braitwaite seconded. Motion approved.


Mr. Camerota of 132 Carion Rd submitted his payment for a deck permit.  Permit #20006 issued.  $85.  Paid.

Mr. Ray Crossen attended the meeting with an application to build a barn on Cemetery Rd.  He was issued Street #90.  The Barn is sized 32 x 26 x 24 T shaped.  He paid $210.00 cash.  M. Kneeland moved to approve application, seconded by B. Kapplan.  Motion carried. Permit #2007 issued. 

Various correspondence was reviewed.

ZEO D. Eaton discussed pending requirements for Holland Rd. project.  He had met with J. Boucher.  A few items need to be done before as built will be issued.

The Plan of Development needs to be updated.  D. Eaton had discussed this with NECCOG.  Mr. Felchek will be asked to attend the next meeting.  C. Berner had reviewed POD and has a list of suggested changes. 

M. Kneeland made a motion to adjourn, seconded by B. Kapplan.   Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.





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Mat Silbermann                                                                       Heidi Bradrick                                    Chairman                                                                        Recording Secretary